Saturday, September 13, 2014

These guys are NUTS! !!!

I LOVE these guys!

Beyond the fact that it is just a JOY to do business with them (no spoilers; just order something and you'll see what I mean!), they have the highest-quality specialty foods I've ever had shipped to me (not just nuts, but cooking ingredients, organic sweets, specialty yum-yums you pretty much can't find anywhere else--just check them out and see what you're going to love for them to send you!).

Also, they are REAL people, a real FAMILY business, and how I know they aren't "just saying that" is this:  I ordered something last year--moringa powder, I think it was--just to try it.  I really hated it.  YEEEUUCCH!  I could not consume it, even hidden in a smoothie; just didn't like it, AT ALL.  I wrote back to them to let them know that the description on their page for it was a little misleading, and they might want to add something about it having a strong taste, as a heads-up--and THEY REFUNDED MY MONEY.

Let me be clear:  I ordered the stuff TO TRY IT; I knew I might not like it; I did not EXPECT any money back, nor did I request such an over-the-top generous response.  However, in complete opposition to other experiences I've had, where I've had to argue (and sometimes, no matter how good a case I had, still failed) to get a refund for a product that was DEFECTIVE, in this case, the product was just FINE, I just didn't personally care for it, and without it even occurring to me to ask for a refund for something I just didn't like, they gave it to me anyway!

They're just cool like that. 

Plus, they don't just send you lovely delicious and unusual foods; they send you SMILES.  (NOT gonna spoil it, you'll just have to order something.)

Our particular favorites:

Organic walnut pieces (I eat these on my pasta-with-pesto, salads, whatever I can think of, ALL the time)

Dark chocolate turbinado sea salt almonds (oh HEAVENS you have no idea how good these are!)

REAL old-fashioned lemon drops

REAL old-fashioned horehound lozenges (LOVELY for sore throat weather)
Big, old-fashioned whole wheat pretzels

Organic popcorn (SO fresh and pops SO fluffy/crunchy in our air popper--fun, healthy, and yummy)

These guys just make "fun" and "yum" synonymous.  They're NUTS!

And they are, most definitely, the Bee's Knees!